It’s too hard to fit a decent tips list in a Twitter-length message.


Impressive! I don’t know Esperanto, but I’ve been studying Japanese for a few months. Do you have any language learning tips? is amazing for learning new languages - whether it’s the writing system, vocab words, etc. It’s most effective when you create your own mnemonics. Usually, I will use a thesaurus to try to find a word that sounds similar to the translated word, with the same meaning, or at least a sentence that goes along with it.

Also, it seems like there are a few sentence structures that I end up using in like 50%+ of conversations, which are usually like:

  • [Noun A] is [Noun B]
  • [Noun A] is [Adjective]
  • [Noun A] is an [Adjective] [Noun]
  • [Noun] is doing [verb] (will do, has done, wants to do, …)
  • [Noun] can/must/needs/wants [to-verb]

Learn pronouns, learn most used verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.  You would be surprised how much you can really say, with even just 100 words.

Memrise common phrases like “わたし の なまえ は ______ です”.

Install a Japanese keyboard on your computer so you can type as much as possible. Keep a blog in Japanese, and begin by writing stuff like, “I am bob, I am 25 years old. I am a student and I like doritos.”

The only reason people seem to say that Japanese is hard is because of the Kanji. From my own experience, everything else about it is pretty easy. The pronunciation is easy and verb forms are very regular.  Memorize Kanji at your own pace. There are definitely must-haves (such as “Nihon” and “Watashi”), but a lot of content you can find for kids have Furigana (small hiragana) to help you figure out words.